Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Bingo at it's Best!"

So it's Saturday night and we have nothing to do at my apartment. Not too surprising I guess. Luckily I had put Mike on "Find us Something to do Tonight" duty. (As an aside, Mike is fantastic. He makes the best food ever. Literally, of all time. He also sat through every episode of the Office with me as I was preparing for the new season. He's a good man.) Mike didn't disappoint.

At about 10 pm, Mike, Margie, our friend Lauren, and myself, piled into my car and headed to... Bingo World.

The following is some documentation from our journey.

Mike is thrilled to be at Bingo World.

Who can spot the typo?

These people take their Bingo very seriously.

These are "ploppers." At this level, you don't use chips. You use ink.

Please note the star-spangled pillars that hold up the building. Nothing is more American than Bingo at 1 am.

Mike and Lauren enjoy some refreshing nachos.

Sorry it's a little long...there are many more pictures of this event on Mike's facebook. Needless to say, we plan on making this a regular event.


Friday, September 7, 2007

The love we share seems to go nowhere

Well, it's been a little bit since I blogged. Nothing fantastic has really happened lately, especially not anything cheerful. I don't really have too many friends in this city, and so it's not a good time to struggle in the relationships with those that are near...just sort of makes me feel more alone.

Ultimate has had it's ups and downs. Ups include the exciting news that one of the guys on the high school team I used to coach was placed on the A team at Virginia Tech. I'm really pumped for the guy. He's a hard worker and he's going to do well there. Also, one of my friends joined their college team randomly, which makes me smile. And best of all, Margie joined the girls' team up here, which is great on many many levels. The club team I'm on is really getting to me a little bit. I seem to make silly mistakes there that I don't anywhere else, and I just want to show these guys that I'm a good bit more than the rubbish they sometimes seem to thing I am. The college team looks...surprisingly good! My roommate is playing well and I'm playing well. We had been shooting for being competitive next year, but at this rate we might be okay by this spring. It is an exciting time. The problem is I am not yet on the team. I'm sweating this one out big time.

School...oh school. I made a few friends, these really chill guys in my E-Science class. They are about eight years older than me, so I don't know...but it is a start. I'm extremely upset to announce that I got sick and missed some classes this week. This was not the way I wanted to start the year.

The good news is that really ridiculous economics professor wasn't really my economics professor at all. He was confused and just walked into a classroom and gave a lecture. Three cheers for community college!! Huzzah!

One last note...my community college has Gandhi's grandson speaking on campus about nonviolence. Seriously??? What sort of place is this? Umm, for all my pacifist homies, come down.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Want Money

Just a few excerpts from my economics professor during a class lecture. For those of you (Mohar, this is you) who know Obed...this is Obed if he taught economics. None of these quotes is out of context. Sadly.

"The money make you great! It gives you the will, the power, the love, to get up another day."

To me, knowing I am a history major: "If you don't plan what with to do with the knowledge of history, Magna Carta, and save all of your riches you receive from your knowledge, you will end up homeless, living on the street. You know what I'm saying?"

"Profit Maximization is the goal! Cost Minimazation is the key! If you have making six figures for IBM, you don't just be happy. You start your own business! You hire men in suits to work for you for six figures and they will be happy to work for you...but! You will be making ten tiiiiimes!! that amount! You know what I'm saying?"

"The knowledge of money is important, like the air we breathe."

"This money, it makes you have value. And this value is what makes America great."


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Only the beginning, only just the start...

My first class yesterday was Envirnomental Science, not really something that I would say is up my alley. My professor had a name, but I completely forget it since he looked exactly like a teacher I had my senior year of high school that we all called Nate-Dog, right down to the slicked-back blonde hair. The class was to be from 5:45- 7:10. I took my seat at 5:40 and watched the regular crowd shuffle in: three middle-aged women that had tanned too much, had regrettable tattoos and lots of eye make up...the kid who plays D and D but covers it up by riding his motorcycle to class, complete with lame helmet...a friendly looking man in his early twenties, clean-cut and well-dressed, with both arms completely covered in tattoos...a trio of "badass" guys who apparently knew each other from high school...

At 5:45 Nate-Dog strides into the room over to the computer, punches in his log in, and gets rejected from the system. He does this about a dozen times, then walks out.

By 6, the computer guy has left the room and Nate-Dog has launched into a powerpoint presentation of his life. He started working with sandfleas, why they lived in a certain area, but alas, "I did not love the sandflea." So he went to Alaska and studied some fish, which he also did not love. He took up researching falcons for a while, but he never did have a love for birds, we are told. Despite his lack of interest, he does his PhD on some sort of bird. He is still not in love with birds when he finishes it. He now works for the U.S. Army to help them make their missiles more envirnomentally friendly. A lot of us perk up. Rockets are better than sandfleas! However, "I don't like rockets. Or the army."

He wraps up his talk at 6:30. He goes over the syllabus in five mintues, interrupting himself to tell us that the $87 book we all just bought (except the badasses) isn't really mandatory, as we were told. At 6:38 he begins to teach us, starting with one of those cheesy opening questions: "What is envirnomental science? Or better yet! What is science?" Motorcycle guy raises his hand and says confidentally, "The study of stuff." Nate-Dog cocks his head and says in a whiney that's-not-quite-it voice, "Well, yes, it is the study of stuuuuff, but let's be a liiiittle more specific." Motorcycle guy looks heartbroken, and Nate-Dog quickly adds, "But that's not a bad answer!" The class ends at 6:56.

Tuesday is my hard day. I have three morning-into-afternoon classes in a row, from 9:35 to 2:10, and then a night class from 7:20 to 10. Geography was okay. The prof seemed nice enough. One of the burnouts in this class did confess to us however, in the "Get to Know Everyone in the Class" segement, that the community college administration was making him take geography as pentanence for a brush with the law.

The last person you want to see walk into your Political Science class is probably Jerry Falwell. My professor could pass for him certainly, save for his ashen face in the place of Jerry's rosy cheeks. The man is about 65 or 70, too old to deal with the crap of teaching disrespectful college students about the workings of the United States government.

But old Jerry has been the best part of this so far. He described one of our assignments this way:

Well, you may notice that we have a small little paper. This paper is the result of a few people who come in every morning and make the molehill in their inbox into a mountain. You may know them as the "administration." These little gnomes gaaaather together in Catonsville once a year and devise ways to make other peoples' lives harder. Their most recent plan included this paper, which will show them that we are doing well as a liberal arts college.

This is how it will work. You will write a paper in response to a ridiculous, unanswerable, open-ended question, fill three pages with bullshit and hand it in to me. I will then paaaass your bullshit along to the gnomes. This is worth five percent of your grade. If you do it, you get five percent of your grade. If you don't, well...B. F. D. It's just five percent to prove to the gnomes that you can be as full of shit as they are.
He also later said that if want to see him during office hours, he would be down the hall hitting on the hot new sociology professor. He capped off the class by saying that today we were ending early, and that we would most days. But if he says that we would at the beginning of class, not to believe him, because "Guys can fake it too."

Sorry for writing a book. Most entries will be short and sweet. Right now everything is beginning and so amazing bizarre that I feel like I must share it all with you this minute. I'm sure I'll get used to it.


Fitting in

Well, everyone I can think of has a blog, from Devin Thomas to Curt Schilling. I have always liked the concept of blogs, but I decided that I shouldn't get one unless I could be witty and deep and as far from a teenage girl as possible. Since I'm not a great writer, I have never started one, fearing that I would come up oh so short to the high high standards of the blogs I enjoy.

Then I noticed that people studying abroad were starting blogs and keeping people posted on the happenings of their new lives. This got me thinking: what am I doing but going on a nice long study abroad! In Baltimore!

To summarize for those of you unfamiliar with my situation: once a promising student in high school, I completely bombed out of college following a very depressing fall in which grades were unimportant to me, but still important to the college. After finishing out last school year, I tried to get a fresh start by transferring to a university closer to home, my former fallback school when I was applying to schools out of high school. I was rejected. But! I had agreed to live with my friend from home in Baltimore, so I made the move to community college. Hopefully this is a short stint, a semester or two at the most.

I am going to warn you right now. I'm not really someone who is going to try to be really witty or clever or deep or meaningful in a blog over the internet. I have this to entertain myself and to keep my old friends updated on my life. These posts are going to be nothing more than my thoughts and experiences and some lame stories about what's happening now that I have taken a step back.

And it is a step back. I'm pumped to write my first real post, to tell you all (or maybe just myself, I have no idea how people find each other's blogs) about my first day of class, which was ridiculous. But I'm beat now. It'll be up tomorrow. Cheers to you all and I'm slightly embarrassed and ashamed to join you in the wide world of blogging.